meet the JEDIs

Helia in a park!

helia woo she/her

sometimes stressed, sometimes depressed, always happy to hold out a hand :-)

a photo of Alyssa smiling

alyssa wang she/her

never stressed sometimes depressed

Jiin smiling in her room

jiin she/her

sometimes stressed never depressed

Alyssa smiling in front of a courtyard

christine kim she/they

open 24/7 to keep learning about equity, talk about how we could be doing better, and argue over how much better breath of the wild is than genshin impact!

stephen smiling!

stephen he/him

ask me about how many different shapes I can make out of orange peels

not pictured: Arjun and Sharvani, who we wouldn't have JEDI without!


want to contact JEDI? your best bet is reaching out to Helia, our JEDI director! reach out via: