meet the JEDIs

helia pointing at a sign saying "Women"

helia she/her

Helix but with an "a" except for when I order food then I am Bob the Builder
red flag: likes using 1 ply toilet paper

archie in a dress in a backyard

archie she/they

I cried over finding out my friend has a twin sister
red flag: will kick you out of the Sproul Cove 9th floor lounge

christine wearing a scarf and smiling at the camera

christine they/them

has based taste in everything
red flag: cuwustine!!!! 🥺🥺 🚩!

maya in overalls standing in front of an art piece with a threatening expression

maya she/???

ask me about my egg flipping videos
red flag: reads AOT fanfiction

jiin wearing an animal hat at Joshua Tree

jiin she/her

my labels are INTP 5w4 sp/sx Ravenclaw airbender
red flag: is sus

paymon smiling in a park!

paymon he/him

the only time I’ve gotten into a car accident is at a McDonalds drive thru at 1 AM
red flag: will hit your car at the McDonalds drive thru at 1 AM

bald stephen staring scarily while a flashlight is pointed at his face from underneath

stephen he/him

I have never bought an eraser in my life, I just keep imgking them up off the floor
red flag: hates Rodrick Heffley

edmond in front of some flowers

edmond he/they

from: temple city, ca (near pasadena) RED FLAG…
likes: cats, cooking, Speedy
likes: cooking cats speedily
likes: cooking speedy cats
likes: cats speedily cooking
red flag: did high school debate
dislikes: dave matthews band
likes: matthew
dislikes: dave
neutral: band
fun fact: shares birthday with mom
unwilling to accept the existence of dave matthews (i play jazz steel guitar apparently)
red flag: plays league :barf_emoji: RED FALGSDFSDFSDKF :barf: :barf: y

not pictured: Arjun  and Sharvani, who we wouldn't have JEDI without!


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