Winter GM 2024 Marketing Graphic. Winter GM will happen on Monday, 0 8th from 18:0 to 20:0 in Haines 39

ACM's Winter GM 2024 happened on the 8th!

Relevant information

How to get there

Winter GM will be hosted in Haines 39.

What to bring

Encouraged: Phone to scan QR codes, excitement to learn about ACM!

Don't hesitate to contact us at if you any accessiblity concerns for Winter GM.



An introduction to ACM by our president Sujay.

Committee Presentations

Learn what ACM's eight committees have planned for Winter quarter.

ACM studio
Henry and Ming

ACM icpc

ACM design
Michael and William

ACM cyber
Benson and Salma

ACM teachLA
Joseph and Sruthi

Evy and Veronica

ACM ai
Angeline and Jordan

ACM hack
James and Nathan

ACM Board

How to get more involved with ACM beyond attending workshops and events

ACM board
  External: Eavan

ACM board
  Internal: Advit

ACM Initatives

See exciting new programs that ACM is trying out

ACM Dev Team and Open Source: Arsh

ACM Impact: Naisha and Aarohi

ACM JEDI: Jafarri

ACM Cloud: Satyen and Daniel

Tabling and Social

Interact with ACM's officers and walk away with new friends!

All ACM officers