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justice, equity, diversity, inclusion

what is JEDI?

JEDI is an initiative that aims to make ACM's culture and presence on campus more inclusive. It was proposed through the Moonshots initiative and was first run during Fall 2020. We aim to prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion within our committees by identifying and addressing areas of improvement in terms of inclusion, as well as better including all minoritized and marginalized groups in tech.

So far, we've worked with each committee to reach specific EDI goals within ACM - read more about our achievements in this blog post. We also hold allyship spaces on various EDI topics (not always related to tech) such as queer and trans representation in computer science and Asian representation and the otherization of kpop.

Meet our JEDIs, see past allyship spaces, or read our blog!

how can I get involved?

If you're interested in ACM's diversity and inclusion goals, reach out to any of our JEDIs on Slack or shoot an email (helia.woo@ucla.edu)! Being a JEDI isn't a big commitment--you can get involved with anything, be it programming, one-off events, or anything else. You can also sign up to hold an allyship space on any EDI-related topic! If you're not interested in getting involved but have any quick suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us as well :)

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see what JEDIs have brought to ACM

a title slide for ACM Hack's Hackschool Workshop Series: Session 6, Responsive Design and Accessibility

Web accessibility workshop

A workshop on web accesibility taught as part of ACM Hack's core Hackschool curriculum!

a banner for ACM Teach LA with a diverse cast of different computer science students

Inclusive graphic design

Graphics by ACM Design with diverse motifs and improved representation within the computer science community!

a slide of discussion questions for Teach LA's impostor syndrome workshop!

allyship spaces

A discussion space held by ACM Teach LA on experiences with imposter syndrome!

don't be a stranger!

say hi to our JEDI director Helia at helia.woo@ucla.edu