Spring 2024 Computer Science Town Hall

Ask questions and be heard! The CS Town Hall is an opportunity for students to directly speak with professors and administrators in the CS department.


In past years, the Town Hall has been a huge driver of student feedback and improvements to curriculum; this includes:

  • The rework of CS35L (and CS97)
  • The start of engineering-wide ethics reform
  • More leniency around the sci-tech and tech breadth electives
  • Reduction of the Physics Lab Requirement from 2 classes to 1
  • Removal of the chemistry requirement from the CS degree

The town hall is jointly held by ACM at UCLA, exploretech.la, UPE at UCLA, and the Department of Computer Science at UCLA.


We use pre-event surveys to gauge students' opinions on diversity & inclusion, academics and curriculum, and teaching practices. The Spring Town Hall's focus is on your questions so we only have one survey. We use the answers to present problems to the CS department and guide the discussion. Survey responses are anonymous!

We need to hear your voice! Please answer this survey before the event.

  • CS Town Hall Survey
  • A slide from the winter 2021 town hall titled 'courses students wish to see changes in', with several different examples (CS 111, 152A, 131, 1)

    Past Town Halls

    Fall 2023 // Tuesday, November 14th 2023

    Fall 2023 Computer Science Town Hall Banner.

    Spring 2023 // Wednesday, May 10th 2023

    In our Spring 2023 Town Hall, we focused on topics such as the faculty's responsiveness to feedback, the introduction of autograders, the relevance of Physics as a degree requirement, and issues surrounding academic dishonesty, including the impact of tools like GPT.

    Spring 2023 Computer Science Town Hall Banner.

    Fall 2022 // Wednesday, Nov 9th 2022

    In our Fall 2022 Town Hall, we centered our attention on several important topics, including proposed reforms to the Computer Science curriculum, exploring research opportunities for undergraduates, and ongoing discussions around enabling students to provide anonymous feedback to faculty members.

    Fall 2022 Computer Science Town Hall Banner.

    Spring 2022 // Wednesday, May 11th 2022

    In our Spring 2022 Town Hall, we focused on identifying effective teaching practices and dicussed the curriculum reform with the CS department while enabling more students to directly address their concerns with professors and the department's leadership.

    A photograph from the Spring 2022 Computer Science Town Hall. Professor Eggert is introducing himself and other professors are sitting beside him.

    Fall 2021 // Wednesday, November 10th 2021

    In our Fall 2021 Town Hall, we continued the conversation on critical issues such as inclusion and curriculum reform with the CS department while empowering students to share their concerns with professors and the department's leadership.

    A group photograph from the Fall 2021 Computer Science Town Hall.

    Winter 2021 // Wednesday, February 24th 2021

    In our first ever fully-virtual town hall, we focused on three key topics: academics & curriculum, academic honesty, and a new section devoted to diversity & inclusion.